Monday, June 1, 2009

Local Carnival

We went to the little carnival they put up every year in the Twin Peaks Mall parking lot in Longmont. It's a little run-down and shabby at this point but the kiddos still enjoyed it.

He was going slower than I had anticipated. LOL

Joshua was NOT sure about this...

So, Miss Mae will drink from a bottle of juice but no milk. Silly wabbit.

A few of Falon

We've been taking a lot of walks....

And a lot of naps...

And a lot of pictures!

This bottom one is my new favorite of little sister. aka Falon.

(P.S. I knitted the tank top she's wearing!)
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Field Day

They arranged to have the fire department send a truck over to cool everyone off. It was welcome refreshment, that day was sooo hot!
You can see Joshua and I (bottom right) cringing from the cold. It was cooooold water, but oh so good!
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Not for the squeamish

Charlie had a mishap. I have a feeling it's the first of a few that will come along during his road to adulthood.
He fell from some playground equipment and landed on his lips. That sounds funny when you say it out loud. His bottom row of teeth cut through. Inside the lip required 4 sutures and the outside (bottom photo) needed 2.
After it all it seems like a relatively small thing to happen. His head and neck are fine, he needed no hospital stay, and he won't ever know this happened to him unless we tell him. But let me tell you, at the time I was more than a little freaked out (on the inside of course). I guess the prospect of "my baby" being seriously injured was more than my stress-o-meter could handle. I had to give myself a little time-out after we got home from the ER! :o)
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Soccer is over

My boys certainly LOVE soccer. Joshua did awesome this season. His coach was great. I think Charlie's so apprehensive to be on his own team he can hardly stand it.

Below: Charlie is trapping the ball. One of his many new soccer skills.

Joshua played through the Erie Community Center. They have a good setup with 2 practices and 1 game a week for 6 weeks.
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Charlie loves his car

You can't convince him to get out! Every time the garage door opens he's scrambling to go jump in his car.

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Nice Spring Day

I got some sweet shots of my baby girl in the grass.

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Joshua and Art

Joshua had a piece of his artwork (displayed below) chosen to be in the district art show. He got a neat certificate and felt especially proud of himself.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

WOW Children's Museum

Chrissy and I took our kids to a kid's museum today. I don't know about them, but I sure had fun! By the looks on their faces they were having a blast...
Such a cool bubble

Mason and Jeremiah doing Ring Around the Rosie

Aunt Chris with Charlie, Mason watching a bubble, and Jeremiah forever running somewhere else :o)

Chris and Mason doing some sort of transaction

So much to look at

Mason and Charlie LOVED this train


Don't tell them they're liking the same thing

Mason, Charlie, and Jeremiah looking at the train again

Joshua the nanotechnologist

Jeremiah the Zebra

Mason the elephant

Charlie the cowardly lion

Aaaaand back at the train

Falon was so cute looking at herself

All the boys in the sandbox, but they were too busy for me

This one's for you, Nanny. Josh and Charlie had a great time playing piano!

Falon again. Just too cute not to add.